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LightWork & Reiki Practitioner
Intuitive Consultant
Wellness & Health Council 
Executive Chef

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 B.Ber, Health and Wellness Council, LightWork/Reiki Therapist, Intuitive Counselor, Practitioner, Author and Educator.  Through diverse careers and education in the health, and healing arts and science, B brings decades of expertise and professional excellence to her Coaching and Consultation practice.  Balancing body~mind~spirit~

environment to optimize client's existence. 

   A life time of study of the foundation doctrines of natural, traditional and cutting edge Healing, Health Arts and Sciences supports a fluency and understanding that embraces many doctrines and modalities while transcending single methodology.

A gifted Medical &Therapeutic Intuitive LightWorker/Reiki, B.Ber's 2nd Half Path counseling and therapy work is non-dogmatic and open to all and applicable to all productive faiths, personal diagnostics and methodologies.      

  A Corporate Executive and Private Chef, noted Culinary expert is a life long student of and proponent of healing and optimization of health through diet and movement. For over 30 years, Chef Ber has studied and practiced Asian and European Traditional dietary principals, Medical, Nutritional, genetic and physical sciences and  facilitate each client's health needs. Chef Ber was the host of RadioCulinair pod and broadcast centering on Health and Culinary Trends. 

   An award winning Horticulturalist and Eco-Qi designer: B.Ber works to create sustainable and interactive green, living and working spaces to balance energy to maximize the specific needs of each client and company.       

     For more than 2 and a half decades, combining her diverse expertise, B.Ber as served as Health and Wellness Council, Intuitive Consultation, LightWork/Reiki Therapist with an on-site practice based in greater New York City. A potent and effective remote/off site Intuitive Practitioner and Counselor, B.Ber serves clientele throughout the Continental US and the UK with a growing clientele in Asia, Middle East and South America.

  An accomplished public speaker and lecturer, B.Ber presents to private and corporate groups on subjects that reflect her diverse expertise. For 8 years, B.Ber served as an Adjunct Professor at CUNY at Queens College, was the inaugural and founding Director of ChefWorks Culinary school, and Director of U.S. Operations for Cluizel USA.  

For the past 29 years, B.Ber has lectured on and taught the methods and techniques of Health and Wellness Counseling, Intuitive and LightWork Healing & Meditative therapies, Metagemology and combined Body~Mind~Spirit

~Environmental balance.    

    A prolific writer, B.Ber is the author of the e-book, "The LightWorker's Codex", and a direct to market, widely distributed blog/newsletter under the headers, Alchemy Moderne, RedBoxJade & 2nd HalfPath. 

  A Spiritual Humanist Cleric and Hebraic Kabbalist, B.Ber officiates nation wide at weddings, births, dedications, directed meditations, cleansing and separation ceremonies.

As with all 2nd Half Path and Metaphysical Practitioner practice, B. Ber's work embraces each client's spiritual, faith and personal doctrine to maximize each person's mind, body, spirit, environment balance. 

       A New York City native, B.Ber resides in Briarwood, NYC. An avid environmentalist, naturalist, horticulturist and outdoors person, B.Ber cycles, hikes, kayaks, mines, quarries, bird watches and cross country ski's New York's parks, mountains and waterways.  An avid art, gem, mineral and antiques collector, antique  restorer and appraiser, B.Ber is a regular fixture at the Greater NY galleries, shows, fairs and museums. 

B.Ber holds a Bachelors Degree in Media Communications and Graphic Illustration from School of Visual Arts: DoH, a national SaniSafe certification. 

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