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2nd Half path Consultation

        balancing mind, body, spirit & environment

for an optimum, vibrant existence.

2nd Half Path Life~Health~Wellness Council, Intuitive Consultation, LightWork & Reiki Therapies offer interactive, respectful, non-invasive, gentle, supportive counseling, guidance and therapies to assist in optimizing all stages and phases of life.  

 ~Recognize, optimize and restore the health & well being

of the body~mind~spirit~. 

~Working in and with Respect for Each Individual~ 

~Recognition of Core Direction and Goals~

~Nonjudgmental Identification of Obstacles and Arcane Programming~

~Custom Creation of Evolving, Multi-Discipline, Flexible Life Regimes~

embracing recognition, productive prospective & successes~

 ~Gradual and productive release of old blockages and outmoded behavior: replacing with positive & productive methods and practice~

~Integrating medical, personal and environmental parameters to optimize existence and maximize a new 2nd half path~


 2nd Half-path Consultation Services: Health and Wellness Council, Intuitive Diagnostics, LightWork/Reiki Therapies.  Supporting your goals, respecting and incorporating your personal parameters, creating an evolving strategy to allow each person to enhance, direct & rededicate themselves through all stages of their lives.


Whether instituting a new chapter in life, navigating minor setbacks, releasing outmoded methods or integrating permanent changes into daily life, 2nd Half path facilitates release of blockages, streamlines incorporation of new parameters, facilitating productive maximization of proactive, productive life.

Throughout our lives, we navigate and accumulate knowledge, wealth, skills, relationships & material possessions that serve us & those we interact with. As time passes, some of our behaviors and accumulations become outmoded, no longer facilitating our changing lives towards desired path. Whether caused by events beyond our control, stagnant or redundant behavior in the world we've created, we can be blocked, unable to feel nourished and connected in our life goals and desired path.  


2nd half path Health and Wellness Coaching, Intuitive Consultation, LightWork Energy Therapies allows each person to view their past, assess their present to maximize their future. Balancing perception of self, effectiveness of actions, facilitating progress that allows for freedom of blockages, burdens, outmoded thought & behaviors. Together, we institute productive and proactive steps towards realization of personal goals, embracing a new, reinvigorated & energized existence that is open to all possibilities for more nourishing life.

All 2nd half path Consultation creates a working foundation through an interactive, in-depth evaluation of ultimate goals and personal history that reflects you as a whole being: body, mind and spirit. Each client receives a detailed review and outline of observations, recommended methods and tract for the client to obtain their desired path. Together, we create the framework that is based on your comfort levels and goals. Through each session in the evolving regime, the client gradually moves towards stability and independence, with lessening need for interactive consultation & adjustment. 2nd half-path Consultation are specifically created to facilitate each person's optimum ability to embrace attainable goals and maximized life path: to move freely and autonomously with Consultation "Tune-ups" as needed. 

Combining each subject’s present and desired state of existence, all 2nd Half Path's Consultation platforms and diverse services blend the therapies and treatments to create our client's best existence their phase of life. To ultimately move freely towards restoration of vibrant and maximized existence.             


2nd half path Consultation is available for singles, families and couples: corporate, group or private. Services are provided on site, remote and world wide. New York City/Tri-state area: on-site in home, office or personal space to ensure maximum comfort.  World wide via skype, phone or email or through prearranged destination travel. 

 2nd Half Path Consultation:

maximizing the 2nd half of your life for joy and balance.

2nd Half Path Consultation never shares, solicits or sells your personal or contact information. Our regular Health, Balance and Healing web-blast is available gratis to our clients: please do request your address be added. 

Please note:

2nd Half Path Consultation & RedBoxJade Metaphysical Practitioner Services are administered by B.Ber. All consultation, therapies and services are non-invasive and passive: they are created & administered to augment and not  as a replacement for Traditional or Conventional Medical Treatments. 



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