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Intuitive Counseling with 2nd Half Path is an in-depth, interactive and open multifaceted platform that offers each client gentle and noninvasive exploration of the self. Building upon classic dialog based Counseling, Intuitive Counseling offers a deep, interactive intuitive connection between therapist and client, allowing for comprehensive exploration of the symptoms, primary and underlying causes of emotional and spiritual blockages that impede personal comfort and growth.


Intuitive Counseling dialog connects the therapist to the client's deep seated keys: repressed memories, past life and karmatic debt, as well as energetic pathway degradation that can be the cause of present and persistent discomfort, doubt, anxiety, depression and stagnation.

Together, client and Intuitive Counselor illuminate and navigate reconciliation and release of symptoms and causes, facilitating gentle restoration of emotional and spiritual health and balance. 

2nd Half Path features, B. Ber, an accomplished Intuitive Counselor and LightWork/Reiki Therapist offering empathetic and honest interactive Intuitive Therapeutic sessions with continuing custom created practical exercises and non-invasive prescriptives for each client to practice privately to instill and facilitate balance and well being.    


Intuitive Counseling through 2nd Half Path: exploring the self to illuminate difficulties and their cause, release blockages to liberate the self and ultimately, move towards embracing a clearer path in life.


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