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2nd Half Path Custom Targeted Regimes to maximize a centered and specific area in one’s life: for anyone who needs to achieve that singular goal within a specific time or framework. Top athletes adhere to specific and targeted training regimes to hone for competition, 2nd Half Path Targeted Regimes are created to maximize a singular and specific area in one’s life to maximize potential for overall success. 


2nd Half Path Targeted Regimes are created with the same respect and inclusiveness as our more broad-based 2nd Half Path Health & Wellness Coaching platform. Targeted Regimes are built upon your medical, personal and scheduling parameters, with a specific focus on a more centered and singular area of life. 

Restricted diets, personal training parameters & religious modalities are embraced and incorporated into each Targeted Regime.


Different life stages don’t have to be a burden or battle: a new diet or health change does not have to be a restriction. 2nd half path Targeted Regimes facilitate the specific area of desired change or endeavor.  With a custom created 2nd Half Path Targeted Regime, the new parameters of operation evolves to become cleanly integrated into a new, ultimately more optimized existence.


2nd Half Path Targeted Regimes: for specific and centered life goals and changes to maximize your overall existence.


Targeted Culinary Regimes By 2nd Half Path's Executive Chef Ber.

 One of the most popular 2nd Half Path Targeted Regime is dietary/physical movement: healing from within, "rebuilding the temple".  Creating accessible nutritional and physical habit modalities via working in conjunction with Doctors, Health Care Professionals & Client's personal needs and desires, 2nd Half Path's  Chef Ber creates an accessible and enjoyable personal dietary regime.  As with all 2nd Half Path consultations, each client's goals, DNA/heritage, medical parameters, personal tastes, spiritual beliefs, schedule and budget are integrated to create working, evolving dietary regime.


A top New York Executive and Private Chef Ber is fluent in many of the World finest culinary traditions, techniques and cuisines combined with a deep understanding of religious disciplines, medical and nutritional dietary methodology.  2nd Half Path Targeted Regime's Chef Ber creates an enjoyable, real time personal regime complete with: eating, dining, purchasing habits, nutritionally compliant recipes and techniques, exercise, emotional, environmental and purchasing strategies.  Unlike fad and standardized medical restricted diets: 2nd Half Path's Chef Ber crafts a regime that evolves and morphs as the client's health and body responds and heals.


2nd Half Path Targeted Culinary Regime: 

mind~body~spirit~environment approach allows the individual, family or group clear path towards embracing improved and balanced health and well-being.


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