Intuitive Touch with 2nd Half Path

Intuitive Touch is a gentle pressure point soft touch therapy that centers on the body's nerve, Qi and Meridian systems maps utilized in Acupuncture, Kabbalist and Asian Medicines. These systems are transit points for our nerve endings plus important energy ports that connect with all organs, tissue, bone and sinew in the body. Specific manipulation of targeted pressure points and areas of the body have been shown to augment and assist in healing, restoration of health and balancing the body's systems.

Utilizing a combination of Intuitive connection between LightWorker and client, traditional diagnostics plus Asian and Kabbalist mapping, 2nd Half Path's Intuitive Touch provides targeted and in-depth Qi therapy.  Through this multi-fold approach, specific, primary and secondary targeted areas are gently stimulated and modulated; interrelated nerve and Qi connections are activated to relieve and release blockages, balance out body function,

modulate and target immune action, quell stress, pain and chronic issues. 

Intuitive Touch incorporates Harmonic Resonance Therapy, Herbal and Metagemology/Gem stone boosters to increase saturation and stimulation of each session.  As with all 2nd Half Path therapies, the client's needs and desire creates our specific methodology and application. 


Clients are instructed how to gently administer point treatments to assist in health management between therapy sessions.

2nd half path Intuitive Touch: gently balancing and optimizing your health and well being.  Click on "Contact" for more information or to schedule an appointment.