Intuitive Diagnostics with 2nd Half Path

Intuitive Diagnostics is a gentle, noninvasive visualization technique that allows LightWork Practitioner, B.Ber to perceive and feel the subject's multiple systems, their functions and any aberrations, issues and operations. Intuitive Diagnostic Connection with the subject's body, mind and energy flow allows for understanding of what the body needs, what areas require attention and balance to heal and function properly. 


Intuitive Diagnostics is a high level skill that requires decades of practice and application to master; B.Ber offers Intuitive Diagnostics services on site or remote/around the world. Intuitive Diagnostic practice is harmonic and works in conjunction with all other types of diagnostic tools.  


B. Ber's Intuitive Diagnostics allows for clarification of core imbalances and issues that are obscured by multiple symptoms or medical treatments.  With a clearer understanding of core issues provided by Intuitive Diagnostics, the client and health team can properly select treatment protocols to provide healing, restoration of health and balancing the body's systems.

Utilizing a combination of Intuitive Diagnostics and LightWork Therapies, 2nd Half Path's Intuitive Diagnostics provides targeted and in-depth Qi therapy.  Through this multi-fold approach, specific, primary and secondary targeted areas are gently stimulated and modulated; interrelated nerve and Qi connections are activated to relieve and release blockages, balance out body function, modulate and target immune action, quell stress, pain and chronic issues. 

2nd half path Intuitive Diagnostics & LightWork Therapies: visualizing, balancing and optimizing your health and well being.  

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