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Gracious thank you to all 2nd half path clients who have shared their compliments and kind comments!  

Thank you for all the wonderful information and for that beautiful meditation/transmutation, (LightWork & Targeted Meditation). Yep, I felt "under the weather" body-wise for much of the day yesterday, but otherwise uplifted, joyful. Thanks to you for making the evening a pleasurable & enjoyable experience :)  cm 061214


Last night's session was fab-u-lous :) Exactly what I was needing. Thank you for making it a spectacular evening. Blessings to you, B, you're so wonderful. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.  061714 cm

I want to thank you for your insight as it did help tremendously to put things in perspective and alleviate some concerns. The support you have given to our family has been a great gift,  for this I will be eternally grateful.  You will always hold a very special place in my heart and spirit - for you were the only one that I could count on to help with one of the most important people in my life.  pg2016

Thanks so much for the session last night - I love our time together, as always!

Your humor, compassion, and wisdom always help me. de 2017

The information you provide is unlike anything that I've read or studied. It's so easy to understand and it makes absolute sense. You truly do start from the basics and you explain why things are and why they happen. that makes a big difference! A lot of the time we are left dumbfounded with loads of information but we don't even know how to start most of the time. That's why I like your healing and therapy methods! You make it so simple for everyone and anyone!   CR 2016

I went to see B.Ber at the recommendation of a trusted friend and she was wonderful. She immediately put me at ease with her warm, down to Earth demeanor. No body language reading or tricks here!! Just a genuine talent and a real desire to help coupled with a warmth and caring that's, unfortunately, rare these days. Amazing woman!! pb 040712

I came back to see B.Ber and each time she was helpful and accurate. She is an insightful wonderful and strong woman who knows how to guide you so you can understand what you are going through. Jd 031012

Thank you B! It was a privilege spending time with you and your amazing level of knowledge, healing and patience!  V 010415

You are a blessing B: meant to guide and nurture others on their path.

Thank you.   RB 010215

 I am so grateful to you for all you do and all of the ways you have been there for my self and my family!  jd 112714

all the best and to say thank you for all the times you helped me  rp 112514

have found you to be very positive in your take on things which has helped enormously.  Also, as I have said before, my daughter says that she always feels better after you have come; so important for her healing. SL 022017 

Our session helped immensely. It's one of those things where you can't describe exactly what took place nor why it was so transforming, but I am not questioning that. I am feeling grateful to you and grateful for the outcome.  I know I am being true to myself as a result of the work we did and authenticity is the one spiritual/emotional goal for which I have been praying for decades. GB 051216

Thanks for this, b/t/w - it's  right on point for me, and I loved what you said about "emotional causalities should be a gradual evolution, not a nuclear holocaust". It can be hard for me to bear this in mind sometimes so thanks for the reminder!  De 052915

Oh my gosh, I totally loved it -- what a blast! That last waterfall exercise, (Targeted Meditation) especially cleaned out some REALLY stuck energy for me, holy smokes! :) It was fantastic! Thanks so much, B!  nj 102414

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