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2nd Half Path Health and Wellness Consultation is about recognition, optimization and balance of all facets of one's being: mind, body, spirit, intellect and environment. This personalize recognition, therapeutic balance and optimization for the entire being maximizes the positive and healthful aspects and systems; identifies the discordant.  The Ultimate goal is to restore full, healthy and balanced functions of the entire being. 

2nd Half Path enables personal transformation from present state of being towards the person one aspires to be via recognition of the complex and interrelated nature of each individual. Together, we create manageable and evolving path that recognizes and encompasses all that you are, that effects you; mind~body~spirit~belief~environment.   

2nd half path Health and Wellness services creates an integrated and interactive support and streamlined system to gently augment your personal needs and targeted goals.  As you grow, change, restore, balance; the prescriptions do too. 

 2nd HalfPath does recognize discord and disease: unlike other Medical or Consultation Services, we target and restore, straighten and support healthful function of all systems. Optimizing the healthy enables the body and therapies to concentrate on and heal discord and dysfunctional systems; together, working to mitigate pain, damage and discord caused by illness, injury or environment.

2nd HalfPath works in harmony and to support therapies, prescriptions and parameters from Doctors, Health Care Professionals and Healers; with respect to and of personal preferences, schedule and environment.  

2nd Half Path Consultation and level of involvement evolve as you do: changing as each goal is reached, as new paths are opened and as the ultimate optimized, destination becomes clearer and more attainable. 

2nd Half Path health and wellness regimes, your personal Health and Wellness Council: the ultimate goal is for you to move freely forward: optimized, revitalized and ready to embrace your life, focus on new goals. 

Creating your 2nd Half Path  to live a nourishing and productive existence.  

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