2nd Half Path Health and Wellness coaching is personal training for your entire being: mind, body and spirit.  2nd Half Path enters on your personal transformation from your present state of being towards the person you aspire to be. Creating manageable and evolving path that moves and changes at your pace: gradually helping each person optimize and balance each step towards achieving their goals.


During life's static moments when we cannot see clearly, cannot navigate past blockages or incorporate needed changes into the self and life, are the moments can impede even the most positive and proactive people.  2nd Half Path Consultation's interactive, evolving, gentle and custom created body~mind~spirit Health and Wellness regimes and support is the productive Balancing, Coaching & Counselor choice.   

2nd half path Health and Wellness services creates an integrated and interactive support and streamlined system to augment your personal goals: centering on balanced prospective of your whole being and the progress in all areas of your life.


Creating a foundation based upon goals and ultimate destination, working with prescriptions and parameters from Doctors and Health Care Professionals, personal preferences, schedule and environment, 2nd half path Health and Wellness facilitates gentle replacement of outmoded habits with productive and proactive behavior to maximize your potential.


2nd Half Path Consultation and level of involvement evolve as you do: changing as each goal is reached, as new paths are opened and as the ultimate destination becomes clearer and more attainable. 


2nd Half Path regimes are crafted with you as the center point:

Embracing your ultimate goals

Non-judgmental support

Custom Dietary, nutritional and Exercise protocols 

Life Energy movement and Meditation practices for body~mind~spirit balance

Environmental evaluation and balance


2nd Half Path health and wellness regimes, your personal Health and Wellness trainer: the ultimate goal is for you to move freely forward: optimized, revitalized and ready to embrace your life, focus on new goals. Creating your 2nd Half Path  to live a nourishing and productive existence.