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2nd Half Path

Corporate Perks Programs

LightWork/Reiki therapies to Optimize Team, Group and Environment: gentle, noninvasive and refreshing restoration and balance of energy in self, location or group. LightWork/Reiki increases the emotional and energetic health and well being of the workplace and its’ inhabitants; superlative for any size company; from multinational corporation to small business or office.

A balanced, well centered workforce and environment reduces employee turnover and burn out, sick days: increases output, productivity and a cohesive, high performance facility  

2nd Half Path Corporate Perks Program is created to augment, balance and optimize employees and coworkers in the corporate and business environment. Whether on site, special event or retreat, 2nd Half Path WellCare therapies restore of the body~mind~spirit balance, a refreshing and invigorating LightWork/Reiki interlude enabling full immersion in the working environment.  

 Gently connecting with individual or group to open constricted energy and physical pathways, calming and centering the flow of thought, energy, circulation; facilitating restoration of balance and well-being.  Participants emerge refreshed, renewed and distressed: ready maximize work performance and dedication.


Regular 2nd Half Path WellCare LightWork/Reiki sessions for all levels of the corporate entity, supporting staff and management maintaining potency and optimum effort while reducing the stress during daily execution of responsibilities, planning and interacting with clients and co-workers.

2nd Half Path Targeted Work Force Meditations are excellent to center and attune a team or work group towards a single project's optimum execution or to decompress after a hard fought project's completion. Communal Targeted group meditations to keep participants mind~body~spirit levels on the same wave length, harmonized, centered and maximized.  


2nd Half Path EcoQi Environmental WellCare balance identifies, balances and​ restores the ambient Energy in the Corporate Environment.

From Executive Board Rooms and CEO suites to mail rooms, the daily habitation, conversation, interaction, tech and execution can cause buildup of negative, disruptive and chaotic energy.  Unchecked, this environment impact negatively on the workforce; causing undue and unneeded stress that impede productivity, comfort and well being of the people in the environment. 


Regular 2nd Half Path WellCare EcoQi cleansing, balancing and optimization of work environment Qi reduces the emotional and subliminal stress, facilitating clarity of thought, action and interaction; increasing productivity, innovation and efficiency.  All 2nd Half Path Consultation and Therapies are non-denominational and work with full respect of and for the client's belief systems.


Each 2nd Half Path WellCare LightWork/Reiki Corporate services are available on a regularly scheduled or as needed basis. Greatly looking forward to working with your company, corporation, group or office.


Please click on the contact button to schedule an evaluation or set up a 2nd Half Path WellCare LightWork, Targeted Meditation or EcoQi Perks session.



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