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2nd Half Path LightWork & Reiki

Restoration of balance and well-being of your entire being


LightWork: identify, connect, modulate and direct divergent forms of matter and energy to desired balance and optimization. Modulating energy flow from the cellular and DNA level, up to the complete being, LightWork gently assists in the restoration of healthy and optimal flow and function of the entire being.   

 Reiki: centering on the Energy flow and balance of body's many systems. LightWork incorporates, encompasses and centers on Energy flow of the Ethereal being's connections and systems.  LightWork Energy balance techniques utilize and combine healing and energy modalities from around the world. 

Combined, Reiki & LightWork are potent, proactive and productive restoration methodologies to vitalize, restore and harmonize the entire mind, body and spirit.


LightWork and all 2ndHalfPath Therapies operate "in and with the Light" with full dialog, permission and interaction between LightWorker/Reiki and subject: noninvasive, harmonious procedures and therapies with full respect and inclusion of the subject’s needs, desires and belief system.  


Working intuitively, on site or remote/world wide, 2nd Half Path's LightWorker/Reiki gently restores and balances the life energy and connection between mind, body, spirit, environment.  

2nd Half Path  LightWork/Reiki blends with and compliments other productive forms of medicine; illuminating and integrating productive heath & healing arts, sciences and therapies to maximize restoration and attenuation of each person's existence.

LightWork/Reiki therapies are excellent as regular weekly or monthly maintenance “tune ups” for body~mind~spirit optimization in daily life.


LightWork/Reiki therapies excel at assisting and maximizing health balance and wellbeing during times of aggressive change, healing/health crisis and mitigation of chronic conditions. 


2nd Half Path LightWork/Reiki: facilitating restoration of balance and well-being of your entire being.

LightWork/Reiki is gentle noninvasive and refreshing: the movement and restoration of energy flow and connections of the body, mind, spirit; upon completion of a session, subjects usually require a system reboot and a brief rest. Allotting a brief, quiet period after all sessions is highly recommended.


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