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Energetic Balance of the Body's Qi~Life Energy Flow

Gentle Sfirot/Charka, Meridian & Aura LightWork/Reiki

2nd HalfPath's Energy Flow session restores the body's Ethereal Qi patterns and signitures. It is non-invasive and directly effects, restores the physical being and healthy function.


The Ethereal being is the Energy Signature of one's body.  The Sfirot/Chakra are the body’s energy ports, the Meridians or Ley lines are the body’s energy transportation network, the Aura is the energetic corona that emanates from the body.  

These energy networks are an integral part of the mind~body~spirit

~environment: they also serve as an energetic barometer of health.  With a 2nd HalfPath's Energy Flow session, the balanced, functioning and properly attuned,   reflect and establish stellar health.

 Just as the lungs draw in fresh oxygen and expel spent toxic gases from the body, the Sfirot/Charka network draw fresh and positively charged Qi and discard spent, chaotic and discordant energy from the body. Aligned, syncopated and harmonized, Sfirot/Chakra facilitate the body's functioning at optimum levels. 

  Meridians or Ley lines are the body's energy superhighway where both self generated and ambient Qi moves: this network quite similar to the Qi maps utilized in Acupuncture and Shiatsu.  Just as blockages and degradation of signal in one’s wifi network impede your tech’s ability to communicate, the same can be said for blockages or degradation in your body’s Ley Lines and Meridian. 

The Aura is the body’s energy corona or energy halo; another barometer of physical and energetic health of the body. A healthy Aura or Auric field literally glows and pulsates gently around the body; the steady, bright, undulating colors can and do quantify the “health” of the aura.

Together, the Aura, Sfirot/Chakra & Meridians comprise our Ethereal Energetic network; an integrated support structure of the body; maintaining the connection and balance between body/mind/spirit. 

 I2nd HalfPath's Energy Flow session identifies the Sfirot/Chakra, Aura or Meridian's infrastructure's blocked, unbalanced or impeded Qi.  This discord manifests as unexplained fatigue, numbness, imbalance, inability to heal properly, lethargy, insomnia, impacted immune and body function system.  


 2nd HalfPath's Energy Flow session ensures the Ethereal Energetic Network is clear, flowing and flexible facilitating optimum function, rejuvenation and detoxification of the body’s ethereal and physical systems. 

to schedule an Energy Flow session, click the "appointment" button above.

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