2nd Half Path Targeted Meditations are extremely beneficial for maximizing balance of mind~body~spirit during every day life plus to optimize healing and balance during crisis.  Each custom created and specifically targeted meditation illuminates the step by step techniques to successful, non-denominational meditation. Novice to Seasoned Practitioner will be invigorated and refreshed by each non-invasive 2nd Half Path Targeted Meditative exercise.


Working on principles of directed thought and control of autonomic functions Targeted and Directed Meditations are based on simple yet effective connection techniques. Whether concentrating on truest desires, centering and dedication to our Soul's true path in this life while a deep recognition and release of our blockages, anger and hindrances a personal or group, 2nd Half Path Targeted Meditations can facilitate one's connection with the self and balance of body~mind~spirit. 

Specific meditative practices are now part of many Traditional Medical treatment and prescription methods. In cases of healing and health crisis or chronic issues, 2nd Half Path Targeted Meditations can optimize cellular molecular energy modality: dispersing blockages, containing discord, minimizing pain and maximizing energy flow throughout the body.  


Daily 2nd Half Path Targeted Meditations to optimize one's ability to release stress, restore balanced perspective, increase healthy sleep or behavior patterns.  Full Charka/Sfirot targeting and syncopation can create a deep and refreshing opening, invigorated and center of one's existence for daily life.

On the path to more complete spiritual communion and connection, 2nd Half Path Targeted Meditations can increase ability to connect with one's ethereal guides yielding a more nourished sense of self and one's place in this life.

2nd Half Path Targeted & Directed Meditations are available private or groups on a regularly scheduled basis: excellent for Retreats and Corporate functions.  A refreshing addition to work or spiritual pursuits.

2nd Half Path Targeted Meditations are custom designed to embrace your or your group's personal and private belief and health parameters. 


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