Harmonic Resonance Therapy  

Tonal Body ~Mind~ Spirit Harmonics with 2nd Half Path Consultation


Harmonic Resonance Therapy/Tonal healing is utilized in many cultures: singing bowls of Tibet for spiritual balance and cleansing. Chiropractors and Osteopaths utilize sonic waves to relieve blockages in veins, organs and alleviate pain. Harmonic Resonance Therapy, (with and without crystal resonators) incorporates Tuning Forks specifically pitched for each of the human body's health and energy vortex, the Sfirot/Charka and Meridians. With proper application of the specific tone the according Sfirot/Chakra, or specific areas of body, the harmonic/sound waves increase and restore normalization of energy flow, function, vitality and balance.  


Harmonic Resonance Therapy provides a gentle, effective and noninvasive independent or addition to traditional therapies for accelerated restoration of health and healing. Technically, all matter moves or vibrates at a specific resonance: when the body in optimum health all cells resonate in perfect unison. When we have pain, illness or discord, the cells and Meridian Energy lines are out of proper harmonic frequency & oscillation. With properly applied sonic energy modulation through the specifically tuned forks, blockages can be released and proper body harmonics can be reestablished to increase healing and relieve pain. 

Where applicable, merging Sonic Resonance Therapy with the mineral kingdom to maximize each crystal, gem & mineral's effectiveness. With proper placement, energetic and tonal activation by the specific Tuning Fork, the stone's attributes are greatly increased leading to maximized positive saturation of target and results.  Combination Harmonic/Crystal Resonance therapies are an excellent treatment for chronic pain or neurological issues: facilitating gradual relief and restoration of health. 


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